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Brimonidine tartrate is prescription medication therefore it has to be used only after consultation. Brimonidine tarter is approved by the FDA. Brimonidine tartrate medicine is available in a liquid solution that should be applied in the eyes as per the doctor’s recommendation.

There are several complications that a man faces in his life, but there are a few nerves wrecking complication that are fatal to health. Glaucoma is one such severe problem that affects the eyes. Eyes are the most sensitive part in the body and above all if a person without a proper eye sight can do nothing and becomes helpless. Glaucoma is one such problem that affects the eye and if the complication is not treated within time it may also lead to permanent impairment which is a very non happening condition that affects the entire life and ruins the living being.

Glaucoma is a eye disease that is commonly found in many people. When a person suffers from this complication he experiences high levels of fluid in eyes, severe pain and such severe complications may further lead to permanent impairment. High levels of fluid are due to open angle glaucoma. There are several medicinal treatments available in the market that is capable to treat this complication to a greater level and help a person to care of their eyes. Brimonidine tartrate is the best and the finest prescription medicine that is especially meant for the treatment of glaucoma. Brimonidine tartrate with the help of the active constituents like benzalkonium chloride decreases pressure on eyes lessens the possibility of vision loss, blindness and also saves from permanent damage to the eye nerves.

Brimonidine tartrate is prescription medication therefore it has to be used only after consultation. Brimonidine tarter is approved by the FDA (food and drug administration) and WHO (world health organization) for the safety and effectiveness of the medication. Brimonidine tartrate medicine is available in a liquid solution that should be applied in the eyes as per the doctor’s recommendation. To purchase this medication at an affordable cost the best place to purchase this medication is from an online drug store as they provide all sorts of medications at a low cost which is less than the market value of the medicine. Brimonidine tartrate when consumed in proper dosage strength and precautions provides with better results in a short span of time that is minimum 2 hours.

Benefits of Brimonidine tartrate

  • With the help of Brimonidine tartrate people who are affected by the eye problem are relived with great ease
  • With the help of this medication people suffering from this complication can take care of the problem and prevent from the various fatal effects of the problem such as permanent eyes impairment
  • This medication in a solution from is approved by the FDA for the safety and effectiveness of the chemical components in the medication.

Dosage of Brimonidine tartrate

There are certain procedures of using Brimonidine tartrate. Following are a few ways about the usage of this drug. In order to get the best results use thi0s medication as mentioned below.

  • Before using Brimonidine tartrate take advice from your doctor regarding how much to use it and how often.
  • Use it in the exact quantity your doctor has prescribed.
  • Use the bottle with clean hands in order to avoid any other complications caused to eyes while using this medication
  • Shake the bottle before use, so that its components mix well. Then put it in eyes.
  • Tilt head back, look straight, form a pouch, and put drops into eyes.
  • Dropper should be held straight above the eyes.
  • Drop the right amount of drops of Brimonidine tartrate into the pocket made in the middle of your lower lid and eyeball.
  • Softly close your eyes for about 2 minutes.
  • Do not clean or wash the dropper. Make very sure that nothing touches dropper, neither hands nor any other thing.
  • After use, put the cap on the bottle right away.
  • Do not share Brimonidine tartrate with anyone.
  • If you miss one dose of Brimonidine tartrate then use the medication immediately before its time for next dose. Do not mix up two doses together as it may lead to fatal side effects.

Storage of Brimonidine tartrate

It is very essential that Brimonidine tartrate medication should be stored properly. Following are the few ways on how to store the bottle.

  • Bottle of Brimonidine tartrate should always be placed straight whether using it or not.
  • In temperatures, room temperature is best for keeping it.
  • Temperature in between 59 and 77 degrees F (15-25 degrees C) is perfect.
  • Light, moisture, and heat are not good for it, thus keep Brimonidine tartrate away from them in any condition.
  • Brimonidine tartrate should not be kept in the bathroom. It should be kept in a clean and dry place
  • Even after its expiry date of Brimonidine tartrate passes dispose it properly.

Side effects of Brimonidine tartrate

There are a few side effects caused due to Brimonidine tartrate. The side effects are temporary in nature and may disappear within a few minutes. There are a few fatal side effects that can be permanent in nature.

  • Eye discomfort/itching/redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • tiredness may occur.

These are less severe side effects. But if they remain for long time, see your doctor immediately. Following are the few fatal side effects of Brimonidine tartrate

  • fast heartbeats
  • lasting headache
  • eye pain/burning/swelling
  • extreme sensitivity to light
  • vision changes.

Symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include:

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • severe dizziness
  • Trouble in breathing.

This is not the complete list of all side effects. There are some others also that are not listed here. If you come across any other side effects seek medical attention without delay.

Precautions of Brimonidine tartrate

  • Brimonidine tartrate is very reactive with certain foods and drugs.. Whatever medicines, vitamins or herbal products you are using inform doctor about them and then only take Brimonidine tartrate.
  • Notify your doctor about whether you take alcohol or not, or take medicines that make you drowsy, such as sleeping pills, tranquilizers, cold or allergy drug, or narcotic pain killers
  • If you consume alcohol or any of these drugs then taking Brimonidine tartrate over them can make you much sleepy or less vigilant.
  • If you are suffering from any of the health problems like liver problem, kidney problem, or heart disease, or blood circulation troubles like Raynaud's, or lightheadedness or fainting caused by low blood pressure, etc., it is highly advised to first consult a doctor before taking Brimonidine tartrate.
  • Before using Brimonidine tartrate Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should seek doctors advice
  • Do not operate any machinery after intake of this Brimonidine tartrate as this drug may make you sleepy. It can also be fatal for your life.
  • You will need having your eyes checkered often while using Brimonidine tartarte

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