Be aware! Your Anti-hair Loss Pill may Make You Impotent

It is obvious that being impotent in the bed irritates a man more than anything else. Another reason for this annoyance could be hair loss in the younger years. Androgenic alopecia and erectile dysfunction are the two reasons for man’s sadness. If either of the conditions is present, they are surely going to affect the male ego. Fortunately these conditions are treatable and this brings a huge relief. Though you can buy Generic Viagra online for ED worries, you must know certain drugs such as anti-hair loss drug cause erectile issues in men. You need to be very alert if you are consuming drugs for hair fall out.

Hair loss in men is also known as androgenic alopecia which develops due to numbers of reasons. The very common reason is the deposition of DHT at the hair follicles. This DHT is the by-product of male sexual hormone reacting with 5-alpha reductase enzyme. An anti-hair fall drug reduces the production of male sexual hormone and thus creates sexual issues in males. You can consume Generic Viagra 100mg drug to get rid of erection issue but your doctor must give you green signal for the same. If you do not get that green signal then you need to wait for go for other remedial option for the ED treatment.

Generic Viagra is an easy available option to get free from the impotence clutches. This causes fewer side issue and they are well tolerated by the user. Working of this medicine involves betterment of the blood circulation especially in the male sexual part. The chemical of Generic Viagra is sildenafil citrate which prevents the restricted effect of PDE5 enzyme over the arteries and keeps them soft and wide enough to get more blood to the male sexual organ. This is how the male organ gets erect as long as it is receiving blood and the consumer is engaged in the sexual act. If there is no sexual stimulation then there won’t be any erection.

Men get irritated with erection problems and hair loss issues. Both these issues are known to affect their male ego and lower down their self-esteem. To prevent this from happening, you can certainly go and get Generic Viagra online to get rid of erectile blues. But if you are already were on the hair fall medicines then you must have word with your doctor before going for anti impotence drugs. Consuming both the drug at the same time may make you suffer from health issues. The worst part about anti-hair fall drugs is that you cannot stop consuming them as the moment you stop taking them, your hair fall problem will start again.  Thus it is better to keep proper time gap between the consumption of Generic Viagra 100mg drug and hair loss drugs

Men with either of these issues certainly get their self esteem hit very badly. The only solution is to have drugs to control these health concerns. It is proved scientifically that hair loss drugs are connected with ED onset. However you can buy Generic Viagra online to fight back with ED.