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Cenforce 100mg is a general medical drug that is used to treat sexual functions in males. The main ingredient found in this drug is called sildenafil which works exactly by increasing blood flow to the penis that help men to get a good amount of erections when sexually aroused. Cenforce is a brand name of sildenafil which is used widely only for physical impotence. The tablet comes in many milligram tablets such as 50/100/200mg.

The main ingredient Sildenafil acts by blocking phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5), an enzyme that easily promotes the breakdown of cGMP, which regulates blood flow in the penis. It also easily works by dilating of the blood vessels in the lungs. While men have this effectively for their sexual problem, it should be noted that this can also effectively give some side effects to the body like giving heart burns, headaches and flushed skin. It also may damage the hearing or seeing ability. To avoid such side affects problems or so you should avoid taking Cenforce 100mg without any prescription. You can simply login or order your product for easy delivery of the product.

This excellent main ingredient Sildenafil in Cenforce 100mg was founded and discovered by Pfizer in the year 1989, although the medication was used for heart pain related treatment it successfully showed the effect of getting sexual erection. Later with much medical research, it came to pass to help in treating the sexuality of men. The very first test was done in Morriston Hospital in Swansea. Initially it was used for hypertension then was approved for men’s health problem that is for sexual Impotence. The drug was patented in 1996 and approved by FDA on 27 March 1998 for authenticated use. You can freely contact us for more details.

Dosage of Cenforce 100mg

  • This is advisable for the patients to take before 1 hour before the sexual activity for 50mg tablet
  • It can also be taken before 30 minutes to 4 hours before the sexual activity
  • Based on the effectiveness and toleration, it can be increased maximum to 100mg or decreased to 25 mg
  • The high amount of dosage should not exceed to more than 100mg per day
  • The medication should be carefully taken under doctor’s consultation

Side Effects of Cenforce 100mg

Why you experience side effects? Any person having Cenforce 100mg should understand that this drug is excellent for men’s health and also can be harmful if the person does not follow precautions or avoid the dosage pattern given by the doctor or any healthcare consultation. The side effects can be minor or it can be major depending upon the body type. In case of emergency of harmful effects contact your doctor immediately.

Mild side effects of Cenforce 100mg

  • Having headaches most of the time
  • Nausea Feeling
  • Facial flushing
  • Diarrhea
  • Blurred vision of sudden
  • Partial blindness

Severe side effects of Viagra Pills

  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Increase or sudden decrease of heart rate
  • Blurry Vision
  • Color blindness
  • Prolonged erections
  • Difficulty in breathing

Precautions for Viagra Tablets Online

Precautions are very important for every individual as it keep you away from harmful effects in the body. It prevents you from having future problems relating to any functions of the body. Additionally it keeps your body healthy leading to lot of preventing side effects in the body.

Following guiding measures-

  • Any men having allergic to this medicated drug should not consume or it may harm your body parts
  • Cenforce 100mg is meant only for sexual impotent men, it should do not consider this as an aphrodisiac as it might not give erections to a potent man.
  • Also called Viagra, Cenforce 100mg purchased online should be consumed only once in 24 hours.
  • Taken overdose, this drug can be life threatening and dangerous for health.
  • Women should strictly avoid taking this medication as it is only meant to heal and cure men’s health, it should be kept away from kids and other pets.
  • Always store this medicine in a very Cool and dry place, please do not keep anywhere in the bathroom or may lose its power
  • This drug should not be taken along with alcohol or drinks which cause bad health
  • Also do not use this medication drug partially by crushing it or taking half pills/ tablets or you may lose its effectiveness.
  • If you are on any herbal medications or other much inform your doctor or expert prior
  • Always ask the doctor if you have any questions related to the drug or so, you can consult any health care expert as well.
  • Stop being dependable on the drug, it may easily cost your future health
  • In case of by mistake intakes allow yourself to take a treatment from the doctor

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