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Generic Fosamax contains Fosamax as its active ingredient therefore make sure are allergic to the Fosamax, if then please don’t take the generic Fosamax.

The medication of Fosamax is prescribed for both men and women suffering from loss of bone mass. This medication belongs to a group of medicines called bisphosphonates. It brings change in the cycle of bone development and breakdown in the body. The medication of Fosamax is among the best known bisphosphonate medication which slows down the loss of bone while increasing bone mass

This prevents bone fractures in the body. This medication is also proven to improve the prevention of osteoporosis which causes weakening of the bone.

Fosamax is used by men and women suffering from osteoporosis. This medication is usually prescribed for women after menopause, and in men, it is usually prescribed to increase the bone mass. The weakening of bone condition may be due to menopause or due to intake of steroids. The medication of Fosamax builds the bone mass in men who suffer from osteoporosis. It is also used to treat Paget's disease of bone in men and women.

Fosamax tablet is available in the standard dosage of 10 mg. It is also available in 35 mg, 40 mg and 70 mg dosages. The tablet consists of an active ingredient called alendronate sodium. It is the brand name for Alendronate.

Working of Fosamax

The medication of Fosamax uses active ingredient called alendronate sodium which helps in rebuilding the bone mass loss in women. The basic working of Fosamax is to impede the wear and tear of the bone mass. It allows the bone mass to form more bone-forming cells in the normal process. Thus this way, a women gets recover its bone mass very proficiently.

Thus, it is easily achieved with consumption of Fosamax by its active ingredient alendronate sodium which suppresses or inhibits the action of osteoclats, which are responsible for the removal of old bone. But the medication of Fosamax does not change the working of osteblats, which are responsible for building new bone. In this way, Fosamax allows the osteoblats to continue its work while blocking the activity of osteoclats in the bone mass.

Dosage of Fosamax

The medication of Fosamax needs to be taken as per the prescription of the doctor. The most standard dosage recommended for women is 10- milligram tablet. But the dosage can get varies from person to person in accordance with the intensity of the complication. Only one tablet should be taken per day. The medicine is also available in the tablet and solution forms. But the tablet form should be taken only with a full glass of water wholly. It should not be crushed, chewed, or broken into piece, as its effect will get low due to it. Thus, the user should not lie down immediately after the consumption for at least 30 minutes. In case if a dose is missed, it should be taken as soon as possible. But if it is time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and have the next dose as per as the regular dosing schedule.

Side Effects associated with Generic Fosamax

  • Generic Fosamax can also bring on certain side effects on the person such as dizziness, weakness, unconsciousness, nervousness, depression, heartbeat irregularities, diarrhea, sore throat, and headache.
  • Some may also experience gastric and duodenal ulceration, allergic reactions such as skin rash, bone pain, joint pain, and chest pain, pain in the jaw or difficulty or pain while swallowing.
  • If any of the above side effects stays longer for more than prolonged period during the treatment with Generic Fosamax medication, immediately contact your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Every medicine has its own benefits and risks thats why its important to consult with the medical professional regarding the use of Generic Fosamax medication. This will help you get the best benefits from the treatment of Generic Fosamax and will advise you how to avoid the possible side effects associated with the use of this medication.
  • Thus the above side effects of Generic Fosamax are temporary and the ebb away as the patient body gets accustomed with the dose of medicine.
  • There can be serious side effects such as trouble in breathing, severe hives etc due to an overdose or extra dosage; therefore it is suggested to consult the doctor. If any of these side effects persist for the long duration and get troublesome then please stop the intake of Generic Fosamax and consult the doctor immediately.

Precautionary measures to be taken before consuming Generic Fosamax

  • Generic Fosamax contains Fosamax as its active ingredient therefore make sure are allergic to the Fosamax, if then please don’t take the generic Fosamax.
  • Women suffering from kidney or liver disease should consult the doctor before using this medicine
  • Also, women on hormone replacement therapy should consult GP or health care professional before starting with medicine
  • A user should make the doctor aware about other medications that he might be taking before starting with this medicine, as concurrent use of certain medicines with Fosamax may cause health problems.
  • Users should consult the doctor if they experience pain in jaws after the consumption of Fosamax.
  • Similarly, sometimes, intake of this medication may cause pain in the bone, joint or in muscles. In such case, consult the doctor
  • The medication is intended only for adults suffering from joints pains or osteoporosis. Therefore one should not take this medication without the prescription of doctor.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol must be lowered if you want to get the complete effect of this medication. Also alcohol intake is being known to interact with the medication content and induce the side effects.
  • Eating tobacco or smoking tobacco must be completely stopped as it reacts with this medication, which puts negative impact on the health of the inpidual.
  • Generic Fosamax medication should be avoided by the pregnant women because it is harmful to the health of the fetus. In some cases it can even lead to the miscarriage.
  • Also, breast-feeding women are advised not to take this medication as it passes through the milk and produces potential harm to the new born baby.
  • The medication of Generic Fosamax should be kept out of reach from children
  • Discard all the expired medicines.
  • Keep it at a place away from moisture and heat.
  • Store the medicine at room temperature.

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