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Pain o soma is sold under brand name soma. Pain o soma is also called carisoprodol which is used to treat skeletal painful muscle conditions, and this medicine is helpful to provide comfort and relax to muscles by blocking the pain sensitivity between brain and nerve with the help of carisoprodol. This medicine should not be used more than 20 days in the continued period. Pain o soma may affect the health of a person in the habitual form for a longer period of time, and as well as it may lose its effectiveness in a longer period when taken it continuously for more than monthly and years.

The medication is advised only under doctors observation. Generally,pain o soma shows the effects within 30 minutes and lasts up to 5-6 hours. This medicine is available in tablet forms in pharma shops.The best offers are available on our website and also it is good to buy from authenticated legal online pharmacy store.

The medication should be carefully taken only in terms and conditions of pain in skeletal in the muscle. Also it is very important to note in case of advice given by anyone for other health issues for this medication, than you should avoid it immediately.

Dosage of Pain o Soma

  • This medicine is the part of therapy and it generally recommended two to three times a day to a patient. And an adult patient may prefer 250 to 350 mg tablets for the better result in muscle spasm.
  • A patient must take a missed dose in time as soon as possible, but if the time has been skipped for another dose time, then the patient should not try to take these two pills at one time.
  • Excess dose may increase the risk of some kind of issues such as vision issues, hallucinations problem, hardness in muscles, the problem in breathing,weakness or even patient may lose his or her life by using such type of medicines in excess quantity.
  • Excess dose of any the medication or other drug is always known as dangerous and unhealthy for human health.

Side Effects of Pain o Soma

  • Pain O Soma is a great helper for relaxant to skeleton muscle and in acute pain, but this medicine also has some side effects which may occur minor or major according to your health conditions.
  • Pain O Soma medicine may give some adverse effects such as swelling on the face or in the tongue, agitation issues, it may increase the heartbeat, fever, cold, vomiting, dizziness, headache, etc which may arise and cause of by using pain o soma medicine.
  • If a patient realized any side effects, it is always advised to visit the doctor as soon as possible without any delay
  • Make the best use of the medication without increasing or decreasing the dose
  • Remember to get the best knowledge about the medication before its too late after taking the medication
  • The side effects of these medication may give you some severe pain in abdomen  then immediately call the doctor
  • Always avoid wasting money on other medication if they are not authenticated or approved by doctor -you may get some side effects which later cannot allow you to have single dose of Pain O soma tablet.
  • In case of allergy and other symptoms consult the doctor immediately at first hand and Let doctor treat the cause

Precautions of Pain o Soma

  • Pain o soma is prepared with carisoprodol and meprobamate. If a person has an allergic response to carisoprodol and meprobamate, then the patient should take consult of a doctor to use this medication to treat skeletal muscle pain.
  • A patient with porphyria conditions that affect the organs and nervous system and which may arise some skin issues advised not to take this medicine without any consultation of the doctor.
  • Patient should not take other medicines with pain o soma medication at the same time. Always consultation is needed in that condition with a doctor if you want to prefer other medications with pain o soma medicine.
  • A patient should stop taking alcohol when using this medication, either it may harm a patient badly.
  • In the case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman is always advised to seek help and guidance before using this medicine.

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