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Careprost eyelash growth solution is also called as Generic Latisse. This is used for faster growth of lashes. Hence it is popular amongst women. FDA approved ophthalmic solution is used for cosmetic purpose. Moreover it is also used in the treatment of glaucoma

The mode of action of Generic Latisse is not known yet. However it is believed that the drug keeps hairs in the growth phase for longer aiding in thicker lash production. It is easy to apply and gives results within as less time as 8 to 12 weeks. Moreover it is cost effective also.

Mechanism of action of Generic Latisse

Every medication is blessed with specific mode of action which involves chemical reactions. Through series of chemical reactions, a medicine gives you fruitful results. Generic Latisse eyelash growth serum working is still a mystery. Studies have come up with conclusions such as this serum keeps the lash hairs in the growth phase for more time than usual. Lash hairs follow the similar hair growth cycle as that of hair present on the other body parts. This is how cheap Latisse Generic enhances the beauty of eyes. Proper usage of the medication gives you better and desired outcome.

Precautionary measures of Generic Latisse

  • Do not buy Latisse if you are suffering from eye or eyelid infection, other eye ailments.
  • Allergic reactions might occur in some users after using eye drops. If you become the victim of allergic symptoms, you better discontinue the medicine and consult with the doctor.
  • Cheap Latisse should be bought after a thorough discussion with the healthcare provider.
  • Stop using ophthalmic solution for eyelash growth if it develops severe side effects.
  • Do not use excess quantity of drug as it leads to serious side effects.
  • It is very important to discuss pros and cons of the medication with the doctor. After discussing, you can buy Latisse for eyelash growth.

Side effects of Generic Latisse

Before you buy Latisse, you must know side effects caused by the drug. These aftermaths are mild in nature. In rare cases, this medication causes serious side issues in the user. To start with mild side effects, they include watery discharge, burning, irritation etc. Some might experience a feeling of something get stuck in the eyes. These are gentle side effects and disappear within couple of days. Serious aftermaths include permanent darkening of iris, eye discharge and visual disturbance. You should stop using generic Latisseand consult with the doctor immediately when these severe side issues occur.

Dosage of Generic Latisse

Get cheap Latisse after consulting with the physician. Discuss your health issues with your doctor and also the dosage pattern. This ophthalmic solution box has an applicator inside it. You need to apply the solution with the help of this applicator. Dip the applicator and smear it at the base of the lashes. It is better used while sleeping. Excess usage is prohibited as it leads to severe side effects. This medicine is for external use only. Generic Latisse delivers excellent results when it is used as directed by the doctor and following precautions carefully.

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