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Kamagra Dissolvable is a new improved effervescent version of Kamagra. Kamagra Dissolvable tablet is a flavored medication which is consumed along with water. Kamagra Dissolvable has become the favorite pick among ED men.

Kamagra Dissolvable is a new improved effervescent version of Kamagra which gives out result very quickly in comparison to the conventional pills. This medication is a fast dissolving revolutionary tablet in ED medication that gives out quick result over ED complication in men due to its fast dissolving agents and elements.

Kamagra Dissolvable tablet is a flavored medication which is consumed along with water. It will take just few seconds for the tablet of Kamagra Dissolvable to get melt into water and will be an orange flavored drink. Thus, the medication of Kamagra Dissolvable is the yummiest and fastest ED medication for men who are unable to attain or maintain erection while making love with their partners.

Kamagra Dissolvable has become the favorite pick among ED men because it is an easy pill to swallow in comparison to other solid capsules and tablets. Thus, the tablets of Kamagra Dissolvable are best for elderly men who have difficulty in swallowing tablets. So for ED men, Kamagra Dissolvable is a tasty delight that can trounce erectile dysfunction (ED) without causing mush uneasiness.

Kamagra Dissolvable is a generic form of best known medicament Viagra, popularly known as the blue pill. The medication also contains the same active ingredient and works on same active mechanism over ED in men. This medicine of Kamagra is also available in other forms such as oral jelly and tablet. Kamagra Dissolvable tablet is available in standard dosage of 100 mg.

Working of Kamagra Dissolvable

Kamagra Dissolvable is the improved generic version of Viagra, therefore the active mechanism and working used in this medication is equally equivalent to the branded ones. They both are chemically identical in quantity and components. The Sildenafil Citrate is the chemical which impedes the problem of erectile dysfunction in men.

The process of erection starts within men when they start getting sexual aroused during the sexual act which can be physical and mental both. It is seen that when a man is sexually excited, certain enzyme releases nitrogen oxide in the body as a transmitter substance. That in turn releases an enzyme called cGMP which brings relaxation of the penile arterial muscles by proper flow of blood supply into the male organ. This brings erections in men which is harder, stronger and firmer for sexual activity to copulate.

But, erectile dysfunction take place in males when enzyme PDE5 gets excessive released into the penile region. This activity makes men incapable of achieving erections while making love. Thus, the Sildenafil Citrate present in Kamagra Dissolvable works as enzyme inhibitor of PDE5 type. This lowers the excessive release of PDE5 type and unblocks the clogs penile arteries and blood vein. This allows efficient flow of blood into the male organ and brings out erections with lasting effects for long as 4 to 6 hours.

Ways to take Kamagra Dissolvable

The medication of Kamagra Dissolvable is in effervescent tablet form which is available only in one standard dosage of 100mg. The medication needs to be dissolved in a glass of water prior 30-45 minutes before copulating to love. On should allow Kamagra Dissolvable to dissolve in the water on its own otherwise it will not give out the desirable effect. The medication being in effervescent form will start working within 15-20 minutes and stays effective for long as four to six hours in men. One should not take more than one effervescent tablet in a day. Before starting the consumption of Kamagra Dissolvable it is advisable that the person should take a proper consent from the doctor about the dosage and consumption pattern of the medication. This is because the dosages and intensity of complication gets varied from person to person.

Side Effects associated with Kamagra Dissolvable

  • Kamagra Dissolvable can erupt out certain side effects after its consumption as it contains certain components which bring out reaction into the body. These side effects can be facial flushing, stomach upset, chest pain, heartburn, diarrhea, headache or lightheadedness.
  • Also, it is seen that men can faced out various eye-related complications such as sensitivity towards lights, or blurred vision. If the situation gets worse, do seek doctor’s help or contact emergency unit.
  • The presence of Sildenafil Citrate can bring a change into the hearing pattern in men. But there is no need to panic or get worried about it because it’s just a temporary side effect which gets normal within time.
  • Due to over dose or extra dosage of Kamagra Dissolvable, men can experience prolonged erections for more than six hours which can be painful and uncontrollable. It is advisable that the user visits the doctor immediately and improves its condition.
  • Person having any past history or suffering from diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, crowded disk in eyes, high blood pressure, men above the age of 50 years, should first consult their doctor about their health condition before the consumption of Kamagra Dissolvable.
  • Thus the above given side effects may or may not be experienced by all the users of Kamagra Dissolvable. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a proper prescription about the medicine.

Precautionary measures to be taken before consuming Kamagra Dissolvable

  • The medication of Kamagra Dissolvable is prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Women and Children should not consume this medication for any cause as it can prove dangerous for their health. Normal men should not consume this medication, to enhance their sexual drive because it is not a sexual hormone or aphrodisiac.
  • Men working in places like factory or doing heavy physical work or mental work required should avoid consumption of Kamagra Dissolvable before going to the place. After the consumption of Kamagra Dissolvable, one will feel dizzy and lightheadedness. Thus, if they permit work, they can face serious problem over their health.
  • One should bring into the notice about his sexual condition to the doctor before consuming Kamagra Dissolvable medication, if a person is suffering from diseases like sickle cell anemia, leukemia or myeloma, eye problems, kidney disease, liver disease, bleeding disorders, active stomach ulcers, heart problems or very high or low blood pressure.
  • Concomitant usage of other pills with Kamagra Dissolvable medications should be avoided, especially the one containing nitrates in it. The nitrate containing medications are basically used for the treatment of chest pain ad heart related disease. Thus, it can lead to serious effects over erections in men and can also prove fatal for its life. So it is highly advisable that other medication along with Kamagra Dissolvable should be avoided strictly.
  • Elderly men are more susceptible to the side effective and negative complications from Kamagra Dissolvable. Therefore a proper caution about the medication should be taken by elderly men from doctor about the consumption and effects over the body.
  • Excessive intake of alcoholic beverages or smoking should be avoided by person consuming Kamagra Dissolvable. This can bring out serious negative effect over the erections in men.

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